Best Singles Dating Sites

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If you are an introvert or you find it difficult to meet people in real life, then online dating is made for you. While meeting people on the Internet, you have enough time to learn about them and avoid awkward situations. If you’re not interested in a person for some reason, you can end the conversation anytime or block the user. Also, these sites usually have a support team that gets rid of scam or suspicious accounts, so you can be safe on the platform. 

Moreover, single women and men have a permanent job and don’t have enough time to go on the dates. That’s why dating online is a perfect solution for any person who wants to find a match quickly and easy. In this short review, you will find out the details about the 4 most popular singles dating web sites. These platforms are trending right now, so make a choice and start looking for a soulmate. 

Why Dating Online?    

Dating online is a legit way to meet new people. It’s a completely legal and modern solution. Best dating sites for singles offer free registration and a huge number of advanced features that will help you find a girlfriend/boyfriend easily. How to choose from a variety of platforms? Check out these short reviews of the best dating site for singles and make a choice that suits your needs.

One of the top dating sites for successful singles is It helps people around the world to look for long-term relationships. Why people choose this platform: 

  • free registration and search tools; 
  • user-friendly layout; 
  • a lot of singles from other countries;
  • affordable prices and cool paid features. 

If you want to look for a partner from another country, is a perfect option for you.

This dating service is a worldwide known platform for people that struggle to meet potential candidates for marriage in real life. A great number of advanced features help you to get to know a person better before meeting them IRL. 

  • rich database of singles; 
  • easy and fast sign up process;
  • user-friendly interface; 
  • video calls and chat.  

Choose to find true love internationally or locally. The polite support team will help you to stay safe during the whole process.

Premium dating site MatchTruly puts quality before quantity. Here you encounter only real people as moderators block and get rid of fake and scam accounts. Its team works really hard to ensure a safe experience. 

  • free registration and welcome bonus; 
  • large coverage of countries; 
  • legit experience; 
  • simple layout; 
  • validated profiles and real people. 

Users stay loyal to this platform as it’s always ready to help and provide fast solutions to any problems.

Romantic people choose This platform does its best to connect people around the world and help them find a meaningful relationship. 

  • high-quality video and photos; 
  • stickers and virtual gifts; 
  • serious and long-term relationships; 
  • easy registration. 

Create an account on for less than 5 minutes and dive into the life of a healthy relationship.

Prices & Plans 

These singles dating sites usually don’t have a monthly subscription. They use local currency – credits – that can be used for advanced features. The average prices are:  

  • 19.99$, given credits – 50;
  • 44.99$, given credits – 125;
  • 69.99$, given credits – 250;
  • 149.99$, given credits – 750.

Is It Safe? 

Companies’ teams work hard to make it a safe community. All the profiles are verified via email and are moderated by the administration. If for any reason a user violates the rules of the platform, they will be immediately blocked or removed from the site. Moreover, every site has a list of safety tips that ensures a pleasant experience and helps to avoid traumatizing situations. Here are some of them: 

  • Don’t send money or share financial information. Card number, validity period and CVV2 code should be kept in a secret and not revealed to other users. Moreover, if a user asks you to send money, in most cases, it’s a trap. Scammers attack these platforms on a daily basis, so make sure you contact the support team if you meet one. 
  • Don’t share personal information. Some users don’t understand that it might be dangerous to reveal the real full name and home address. The dating sites try to create a friendly community, however, one should remember that you are all strangers and you have to think about your safety. Also, do not share such information like the name of the university or a company you work for.
  • Choose a public place for the first date. Make sure that you informed your close friends and family about the first date with a user from the platform. Share the location and the name of the place you visit and don’t forget to stay connected to the Internet. 
  • Don’t move to other apps. A lot of users might ask you to move to other messaging platforms as they have to pay to talk to you on these dating sites. The support teams advise not to do it as they won’t be able to help you in case of emergencies.  
  • Create a good password. Unfortunately, hackers are everywhere, so it’s important to choose a strong password that will consist of lower and upper case letters, numbers, symbols and won’t include your own name of the year of birth. 


The mentioned sites specialize in dating singles and ensure a unique experience that will help you find your soulmate locally or in other countries. This is a comfortable way of meeting new people and building long-term relationships. Unfortunately, most of them don’t have apps, but you still can use the mobile version on your smartphone. They have a lot of free features (sign up, search tools) but don’t forget to check out the paid plans.